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Personal Umbrella Insurance

Stay covered during life’s not-so happy surprises.

Lawsuits can be an overwhelming thing–especially since they usually come with high payouts, like car accidents or property insurance claims. An umbrella policy helps you breathe easier knowing you have an extra layer of protection. You can have coverage that pays for liability losses in excess of those covered in your homeowners’ insurance and auto insurance policies. 

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Protect what you love from what you don’t love: the unexpected

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What if there was a fire that spread to your neighbour’s home?

You could be liable for more than the liability coverage on your home insurance. Umbrella insurance can provide excess limits of liability.

What if you got in a car accident while driving with a friend?

That’s never an easy situation, and sometimes, auto policy liability won’t cover the lawsuit. In severe auto claim situations, umbrella insurance can provide excess coverage.

What if an incident at your vacation property damaged someone else’s property?

To protect multiple homes and vehicles you own, you can include an umbrella insurance policy as an extra layer of protection.

Hot Tip:

Umbrella policies can cover a lot. Like a lot, a lot. They can provide excess liability coverage over and above the limits on your underlying auto, home, watercraft, cottage, motorcycle or other policies. It can sometimes be more cost effective to get an umbrella insurance policy than increase your primary liability limits individually. Our insurance Specialists are close by and ready help.


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