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Auto Insurance

Cruising down the open road? Fun. Insurance shopping? Less fun.  

Let’s address the elephant in the garage. We know car insurance rates can be confusing but we can help you understand the key factors that influence your rates and give you options. We work with a lot of insurance companies, so the chances are we’ll find coverage that works for you, as smoothly, simply and painlessly as possible.

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Protect what you love from what you don’t love: the unexpected

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What if your vehicle was damaged in a hit and run?

Unfortunately, these things happen. With car insurance, you can have coverage to repair the damage.

What if your car drove away without you in it?

Your car has been stolen. Now what? With comprehensive auto insurance, you can have coverage for theft and vandalism.

What if an injury happens?

You’re involved in an accident and you’re injured. Stressful, for sure. With car insurance, you’ll have coverage for some accidental injury costs.

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