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Homeowner Insurance

So many things can happen to your home. 
The right insurance is one of them.

There are a ton of homeowner insurance policies and coverage options, and the search for the right one can be long and frankly, painful. Now, we may not be able to make insurance shopping fun, but we can make it better. 

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Protect what you love from what you don’t love: the unexpected

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What if there was a fire?

A fire accidentally started in your home. Scary, for sure. But you know what’s not scary? You won’t have to pay for all the damage repairs.

What if you had no place to stay?

Your home was damaged and you couldn’t stay there while it was being repaired. Your coverage can include living expenses while they fix your home, so you can rest easy elsewhere.

What if your stuff got stolen?

Your home just got broken into. Stressful for sure. But at least replacing or repairing things will be covered by your homeowner insurance policy.

How to make homeowner insurance work for you

Homeowner insurance is crucial, but finding the right insurance plan for your home, at an affordable rate, can be tough. Don’t worry. We’ll make it easier. We know the entire home insurance market, from what products are available to how much they cost and when they are appropriate. 

Not every homeowner insurance policy is the same. However, most policies come with some standard coverages intended to help you repair damage or replace your things if something unexpected happens. Common standard homeowner insurance coverages are:

Liability Coverage

This coverage protects you for accidental injuries or damage to you or someone else in your home.

Personal Property Coverage

Often referred to as Contents Insurance, it protects your personal belongings–from your computer to your PJs. Basically anything you own that you could pick up, pack up and move with you to a new home. There’s also special coverage to protect certain things, like valuable jewelry or collectibles.


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