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What if your expensive fishing gear gets damaged?

If your gear gets damaged or lost in an accident on your boat, your boat insurance can help cover the cost to replace it, so you can get back out on the water.

What if you accidentally damage your boat?

Boat insurance protects your boat in case of damage and protects yourself in case of liability if you accidentally injure someone or damage their property while using your watercraft.

What if your boat or equipment was stolen or vandalized?

Chances are you store your boat somewhere. And chances are you may not always have eyes on it.  Boat insurance can help protect you financially from these unforeseen incidents.

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Owning a boat or recreational watercraft can be fun. But chances are, it was a big investment – an investment that’s exposed to unique hazards both on the water and in transit. Protect your boat and your interests with boat insurance online, so you don’t have to worry as you get ready to make waves.

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Boat insurance costs and coverage

Spend more time enjoying being on the water than worrying about your insurance. Our insurance coverage is a simple, affordable way to protect yourself and your boat from the unexpected. Customize it online by choosing coverages and limits that make sense for you. You’ll get quote package options to choose from instantly. Some of the coverages available include:

Hull & Machinery Coverage

This coverage protects you after an accident in case of damage, including your equipment, sails, and hull.

Liability Coverage

This protects you financially if you accidentally injure someone else or cause damage to their property.

Personal Effects & Additional Items Coverage

This protection can be added to your policy to cover additional items like a trailer, boat lift or boat house.  You can also customize your personal effects limit to cover your belongings on board your boat, like your expensive fishing gear

Rental Expense Coverage

This covers the cost of renting a similar boat until yours is repaired if your boat is damaged in an incident covered by your policy.


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