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Cyber Insurance

Cyber attacks are easier than ever.
So is getting insurance.

Protect yourself and your family from cyber and data risks online starting at $100/year*.

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Protect what you love from what you don’t love: the unexpected

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What if a scam artist took advantage of a family member’s finances?

You accidentally paid money to a third party scam. No worries, home cyber insurance can help protect you financially.

What if your online bank account suddenly read $0?

An unauthorized user just drained your bank account. Home cyber insurance can help you respond and recover losses.

What if your kid was seriously cyberbullied?

Your cyber insurance can cover the costs of experts. They’ll help you react and provide services like counseling and legal expenses.

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You put some effort into protecting your privacy, personal information and passwords but is it enough? Cyber threats are growing in frequency and have become increasingly directed at individuals and families. Get an instant quote and buy affordable home cyber insurance for you and your family securely online. And bonus, this also includes a membership for Comprehensive Credit Monitoring & Identity Theft Protection with Equifax.

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