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Protect what you love from what you don’t love: the unexpected

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What if your business was accidentally on fire? (Not in a good way)

Stressful for sure. But ​​office and business insurance can help cover the cost to repair the damages.

What if your organization is named in a lawsuit?

Someone slips in your office and ends up hurt. With office insurance, you can get help with legal costs if they take your business to court.

What if all your computers just disappeared overnight?

Your computers were stolen after you locked up shop for the night. Insurance can help replace your equipment.

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Your business depends on your ability to keep your office open without major interruptions. But something unexpected can get in the way of doing business–putting your reputation, profits, and operational continuity at risk. No worries. You can easily customize your insurance to fit your needs, and get covered online in just a few minutes.

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What kind of coverage does office and business insurance provide?

Office and business insurance can provide the financial security you need to get your business up and running again if your property suffers damage. Whether you own your office space or rent it, this insurance will cover your building and its contents. 

Office insurance also can protect your legal interests in case something out of your control happens at your office. You can customize your insurance online by choosing coverages and limits that make sense for you and your company. Some of the coverages available include:

Commercial General Liability Coverage

This coverage provides protection in case a third party is injured, or their property is damaged as a result of your business operation.

Contents Coverage

This protects your company assets located inside your business or office location.

Legal Expense Coverage

This protection covers the costs of potential legal issues, including expert advice, representation and tax protection.


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