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Directors & Officers Liability Insurance

Company assets. Personal assets.
Lose both? Or protect both?

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Protect what you love from what you don’t love: the unexpected

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What if your organization is named in a lawsuit?

There’s a lawsuit against your organization. Directors and officers liability insurance can help cover legal expenses.

What if your organization’s finances were accidentally misrepresented?

An error in reporting caused your organization’s financial situation to be misrepresented. Insurance can help cover the cost of any legal impacts.

What if a board member was accused of mismanagement of funds?

Legal fees could be expensive but liability insurance can help cover the costs.

Hot Tip:

Your personal assets are not protected

Individuals who act as a director, officer or board member for an organization or corporation can be personally liable for activities related to their role. As a director of an organization, your personal assets are on the line with every board decision you make.

For businesses and not-for-profit groups, the right insurance is essential to surviving and thriving in a world that is both full of opportunity and risk. Fact is, we live in a litigious climate, and in a society that is turning more and more often to the legal system to settle conflicts.

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